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In House Catering

We have in house catering with delicious menus & varied pricing.

Of course, everything is customizable. Guest experience is our priority. Our reviews speak for themselves.

Join us for a menu & wine tasting!

Check out the links below showing a few of our menu options.


Whether you're dreaming of a laid-back celebration featuring casual favorites or envisioning a timeless affair with elegant, sophisticated dishes, Allow us to curate a culinary experience that mirrors your distinct tastes, 

The level of service we provide:

  • Our catering team covers: Kitchen, Dishwasher, Dining room

  • Our catering team will set the tables with place settings, water glasses, & plates 

  • The tables will have water glasses with ice water at each place setting before guests are seated for dinner.

  • Our catering team will serve the buffet and clear the guest tables​.

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