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First course ( plated and served):

- Baby arugula, diced apples and pumpkin seeds, mozzarella, with an apple cider dressing $10/person

- Julienne carrot salad with feta, cut green beans and watercress, lemon dressing $ 11/p

- Baby spinach, grape tomatoes, slivered almonds, red cabbage, almond dressing $ 10.50/p

- Caprese salad with broccolini, Kalamata olives and a white balsamic dressing $11.50/p

- Mesclun, red beets, goat cheese crumbles, saffron croutons, maple-dijon dressing $ 10/p

- Gazpacho terrine with a sheep cheese salad, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, Sherry vinegar dressing $ 11.50/p


Maine course ( buffet or family style)

- Surf and turf: lobster tail and beef filet with chive polenta, and kale $29/p

- Grilled salmon with lemon confit and spinach, julienne peppers, lemon parsley sauce $26/p

- Beef sirloin roast on a bed of squash piperade, spinach stuffed tomato, Béarnaise $ 26/p

- Cod with a smoked paprika crust and scallions on a bed of root vegetables, asparagus cream $25/p

- Chicken thigh “ Fricassée”, leek cream, mushroom, thyme toast, herbed plum tomato  $25/p

- Chicken breast basquaise with tomatoes, peppers, and parsley, potato-broccoli puré $ 26/p

- Beef rib eye, roasted mirepoix vegetables, garlic confit mashed potatoes, Bordelaise sauce $ 29/p

- Chicken breast Francese with leek and pepper sauce, parleyed yellow potatoes $ 24/p

- Salmon and shrimp on angel hair pasta with minestrone vegetables $ 26/p


Choice of 2 entres, add $4/person

Choice of 3 entres, add $7/person


Side of vegetables:

- haricot verts almandine $4/p

- Gnocchi, corn, and sage butter $ 4/p

- Potato gratiné $ 4/p

- Ratatouille $ 4/p

- Wild rice pilaf $ 3.5/p

- Roasted cauliflower, shiitake and turmeric $4/p

- Israeli coucous with asparagus $4/p

- Pearled barley with zucchini brunoise $ 3.5/p

- Roasted creamer potatoes with shallot confit $ 3.5/p

- Maple roasted Brussel sprouts and carrots $4/p


Entrés and side vegetables served family style, add $ 5 per person.


Hors d’oeuvres:

V: Vegetarian   Vg: Vegan   GF: Gluten Free


$4 per person:

- Hummus on wonton triangle with marinated shaved fennel (V)

- Caprese salad crostini  (V)

- Comté cheese risotto croquettes ( V)

- Spinach and artichoke tartlets (V)

- Mini thin crust pizzeta with caramelized onions and baby kale (V)

- Eggplant caponata on toasted baguette ( V)

- Cod brandade on a fingerling potato (GF)

- Savory cookie with tomato confit and fried sage ( Vg)

- Ham and gruyere thumbprint

- Almond cracker with coriander spiced chicken


$5 per person:

- Focaccia crisp with mozzarella and black olive tapenade (V)

- Brie and roasted pear thyme toast ( V)

- Shallot and fennel compote on a fresh parmesan cracker ( V)

- MIni eggplant and tomato empanada (V)

- Tomato and feta bruschetta with balsamic glaze (V)

- Potato crisp with red pepper and VT goat cheese (GF)

- Rosemary polenta with tomato marinara and diced Comté ( GF)

- Shiitake beignet with a ponzu/peanut sauce (GF)

- Blackened fish with avocado on a corn cake 

- Endive spear with crab salad and preserved orange rind

- Mini fish cakes with red pepper aioli

- Cigar of chicken thighs and leeks

- Pickled melon wrapped with prosciutto ( GF)


$6 per person:

- Red beet and VT goat cheese mousse on a dill cracker (V)

- Phyllo triangle with beets, feta and cumin ( V)

- Ratatouille tartlets (V)

- Mini camembert walnut pastries (V)

- Asparagus and Chorron toast (V)

- Risotto disk with tomato tartare and crispy parsley (GF)

- Smoked trout, lemon whipped cream in a cucumber cup (GF)

- Fire grilled skewers of rare skirt steak, with garlic-tarragon butter (GF)

- Sesame beef on a rice cracker with ginger aioli and pickled radish (GF)

- Teriyaki baked tofu with a peanut ginger sesame topping (Vg)

- Smoked salmon on a dill seed cracker, crème fraiche and chive

- Mini crab cakes remoulade sauce

- Thai beef salad on a wonton triangle

- Braised beef short ribs and escarole tartlets

- Seared Atlantic salmon, black pepper cracker, crispy capers

- Salmon tartare on a chive canapé

- Pork confit with a buttermilk biscuit with shallot jam, beet and horseradish


$7 per person:

- Wild mushroom crostini truffle butter (V)

- Parsnip and spinach soufflé with a cheddar fondu (V)

- Herbed scampi shrimp skewer (GF)

- Salmon rillettes on a potato sliver, pickled zucchini (GF)

- Shrimp ceviche on a yucca chip (GF)

- Tuna tartare on a wasabi avocado toast

- Crispy polenta cake with braised duck and cherry marmelade (GF)

- Braised lamb in a roasted new potato with rosemary demi (GF)

- Seared duck breast skewer with fig and mascarpone (GF)

- Lobster Cobb salad on a ficelle

- Crostini of beef filet and mild peppercorn demi

- Chicken curry tartlet




Assorted Vermont cheeses, dried fruits, artisan breads $ 7.50/person

Assorted regular cheese, fruit and crackers $5.75 /p

Charcuterie board served with grainy mustards $ 6/p

Assorted pickled vegetables and country patés $ 6/p

Smoked seafood and pickled vegetables 

with pumpernickel bread and mustard dip $ 6/p

Grilled vegetables brushed with balsamic glaze $ 4.50/p

Mozzarella, tomato and basil platter $ 6/p

Crudités with 2 dips: Beet and ricotta hummus, or French onion dip, or

spinach artichoke, or turmeric yogurt $ 4/p

Pita wedges with 2 dips: sweet potato hummus, or feta and 

parsley, or artichoke and spinach, or roasted fennel and beans $ 3/person



Bar snacks:

Comté cheese gougères $ 3/p

Chicken cordon bleu bites $ 3.5/p

Black olive tapenade puffs $ 5/p

Baby potato skins $ 3/p

Shrimp and shiitake beignets $ 5/p

Paprika crispy chickpeas $ 2/p

Pecorino Truffle arancini $ 5/p